It's been a while... 
6th-Jun-2016 11:21 pm
hyperfujis: A scared-looking Chihiro Fujisaki (chihiro fujisaki)

I haven't updated in a while... And I said I would update, too... Sorry... (Also, sorry for the ellipses... Not...)

Since I haven't updated since March, here's a bit of an update: I started using Tumblr again in April because my friends were using it, but this time around, I'm avoiding all the bad stuff. My last real day of school was on Friday, but I have to go to school for a few hours tomorrow to take my English exam, since I was a lazy piece of shit all year. (I was good at the class, I just didn't do the reading projects, and that hurt my grade.) I started rewatching the Harry Potter movies, and I plan to reread the books over the summer.

I may or may not do daily journals in tenth grade. It all depends on my motivation.

My goals for the summer are to draw at least one picture a day, read at least one (chapter of a) fanfic per day, and to use LJ more often. I'll probably start writing fanfics as well, since all I write right now are trollfics due to lack of courage and ideas.

I also have a Dreamwidth now, and I'll try to update on that, too.

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