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24th-Jul-2016 08:43 pm - Update (7/24/16)
hyperfujis: A scared-looking Chihiro Fujisaki (chihiro fujisaki)
Summer's already halfway over and I haven't done any of the goals I planned... I feel so bad; I said I'd use LJ more often and I didn't even do that... orz

Anyway, here are some updates from the last time I updated this journal:

  • I watched the Voltron reboot (Pidge best girl)

  • Ryouta Mitarai is the best character in Dangan Ronpa 3 (even though he's probably the traitor)

  • 9/24/16 HYPE (I'm fairly certain they're doing at least a little more than rereleasing The Black Parade.)

I start band camp in a few days, so I'll try to make journals of that.
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